Our Services

To access Headway Jersey’s services, survivors of brain injury are required to register with us as a member. Each service user has individual needs regarding their recovery and the charity has developed a diverse range of physical and cognitive rehabilitation programmes to meet as many needs as possible. Brain injury survivors can benefit from a range of facilities.

These include:

Saebo Rehab Sessions utilising a range of therapeutic equipment to help regain strength and mobility in the hand and arm

Craniosacral Therapy  is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction

Subtle Energy Healing to calm, relax and help alleviate stress

An advocacy Officer to help with benefit claims and paperwork and help in making decisions

Family and Carers Support Service to provide advice and mutual support for families, friends and carers of brain injury survivors

Working with primary care providers to assist with the recovery process

Sharing experiences of carers and survivors so that the recovery journey is not undertaken alone

Strength Training which helps regain strength and mobility through the development of specifically tailored exercise plans

Swimming which helps with muscle control and confidence

Seated Exercise to help with strength and flexibility

Balance Exercise to assist with strengthening muscles and regaining mobility

Craft Workshops which are designed to help with concentration and coordination

Life Skills to increase independence with everyday life

Cookery which helps relearn living skills

Zumba fun, movement based activity promoting cardiovascular function and co-ordination

Quizzes and Games to assist with mental agility and memory improvement

Outings and Visits to encourage social interaction and time management

There are continual developments in rehabilitation therapies and Headway Jersey aim to introduce proven initiatives to further increase independence and confidence. Funding is required to make this possible. Early intervention and continued support however will bring long term saving to the Island and improved lives.