Support Us


The help that Headway receives from volunteers is invaluable.  Comiiting to volunteering with Headway can not only be rewarding but may give you valuable work experince.

You can help-

Come and Volunteer at our centre to support our Members

Volunteer to help at our charity shop

Joining our Fundraising Committee

Organise your own fundraising event

There is a great atmosphere at Headway and you can make friends and make a real difference to the Island’s brain injured survivors and their families. Call 505937 to discuss how you can help.


Use our Co-Op Share Number


Every penny counts and thank you for all your support. The Channel Island Co-Operative society have kindly given Headway an easy to remember Share number, 331, which we would be grateful if you could use. Have you ever got to the checkout at the co-op and when asked for your share number you have completely forgotten it or you don’t have one? Now you can share the wealth and feel great by declaring in your loudest voice ’331′ for Headway please. So you don’t forget why not put the number in your phone?



Legacies help Headway Jersey to continue its vital work for many years to come. The greatest gift would be to make sure  that Headway Jersey is included as a beneficiary in your will. Contact us at Headway for further information on 505937.